Numerify & ServiceNow

As a ServiceNow Technology partner, Numerify integrates ServiceNow transactional data into its AI-powered IT business analytics solutions. These solutions provide the augmented intelligence you need to drive the success of your IT objectives by accelerating delivery, operational automation, and higher reliability. These prescriptive IT analytics solutions are platform-driven, focused on customer success, and able to be up and running within weeks.

Below are some examples of how Numerify uses ServiceNow data and can be the perfect complement to ServiceNow Performance Analytics.

Extending ServiceNow Performance Analytics 

IT Service Management and IT Operations leaders must continuously deliver innovative IT service offerings that enable new business models while managing service costs. However, relying on KPIdriven reports will only tell you how you are doing, not what to do.  

Together, Numerify and ServiceNow can help you go beyond KPIs annot only measure what is happening in your ITSM processes but also investigate why it is happening. One example is the ability to quickly diagnose why MTTR measured in ServiceNow Performance Analytics is rising by using Numerify to analyze reassignment patterns. Another example is the ability to diagnose why First Call Resolution (FCR) measured in Performance Analytics is dropping by using Numerify for incident topic clustering. 

Predicting Change Risk 

Change success is hard – there are demands for accelerating velocity. However, the data that can predict whether or not a change is risky resides in different process and system silos, both upstream in the development process and downstream in the impact of the change. E.g., Have similar changes caused degradation in user experience (measured by APM systems) or user-reported incidents in ServiceNow? What was the root cause of these change failures? 

Together, ServiceNow and Numerify can help teams correlate ITSM change, incident, and problem data with metrics with as well as DevOps toolchain data. Organizations can use this to directly measure the impact of development process metrics, like code quality and test results, on application performance and user-reported incidents. Doing so will allow teams to identify issues in any part of the value stream. Prebuilt Numerify change risk prediction models can identify risky changes and predict the probability of future major incidents.  

ServiceNow API Integration

Numerify leverages ServiceNow REST APIs to automate data pulls. Numerify’s API Adapter performs full or incremental extracts at scheduled intervals.  Numerify’s ServiceNow integration extracts Incident, Problem, Request, and other relevant data. Numerify’s IT Business Analytics platform then transforms and loads this to Numerify’s data warehouse to be used by our BI and AI/ML frameworks supporting our various solutions. 


To the right is an example of a Numerify Change Risk Prediction solution dashboard, incorporating data from ServiceNow and APM systems.