IT Business Analytics Leader Launches Solution to Help IT Leaders Reduce Service Management Costs and Risks

Solution delivers actionable insights in 6 weeks

Numerify, the leader in IT Business Analytics for the Global 2000, today announced the release of its Continuous Service Optimization solution, aimed at helping organizations reduce their IT Service Management (ITSM) costs and risks while improving service quality. The new solution is part of Numerify’s broader IT Business Analytics portfolio that spans the Infrastructure and Operations (I&O), Application Development / DevOps, and IT leadership and strategy functions. A recently-released study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Numerify identified significant benefits associated with Numerify’s IT Service Management analytics solutions. The April 2019 study, The Total Economic Impact™ Of Numerify IT Business Analytics, identified potential three-year net benefits of over $4M through reduced incident volume, increased employee productivity, and reduced outsourced vendor spend.

“We’re excited to be launching this new solution, which leverages our extensive experience working with Global 2000 IT Service Management leaders over the years,” said Srikant Gokulnatha, Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer at Numerify. “This new solution goes beyond basic Business Intelligence (BI) and uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) models that help our customers understand the root causes of their incidents to take proactive action,” said Gokulnatha.

The new solution is integrated with leading IT Service Management platforms and combines a data pipeline that processes batch and streaming data, curated relational and big data stores, and a fully-modeled, analytical metadata layer that includes both BI and AI/Machine Learning (ML) models. Additionally, a wide range of best-practice metrics and dashboards, combined with a proven customer success model ensures customers can deploy the solution in six weeks.

Organizations that have adopted Numerify’s Continuous Service Optimization solution experience the following benefits:

  • Increased overall efficiency: By improving Mean-Time-to-Resolution (MTTR) and incident resolution efficiency, IT organizations can reduce the overall costs of their Service Management function. According to the Forrester study, customers can reduce the number of incidents by 30% over three years by providing insights into the root causes to help prevent recurring incidents.
  • Accelerated agility: By proactively identifying opportunities for automation and improving collaboration across teams, IT organizations can deliver a better customer experience and become more responsive to the needs of the business. According to the Forrester study, adopting a standard set of metrics has led to increased visibility on key issues. This, in turn, has improved problem management, knowledge management, and training, resulting in improved IT service capabilities.
  • Reduced risk: By identifying and correcting underperforming Configuration Items (CIs), holding service teams accountable for performance, and proactively remediating SLA breaches, organizations can minimize critical disruptions. According to the Forrester study, increasing visibility into SLA compliance and ticket tracking for functions outsourced to vendors can reduce overall cumulative costs by $1.2 million over three years.

According to a Senior IT Director at a Fortune 500 company quoted in the Forrester study, “Numerify has helped us shine a light on problems, reducing the overall time a ticket takes to be resolved…People can dive deeper into analytics and spend less time on mechanical reporting.”

“Our analytics are also helping deliver a smarter ITSM operation by driving intelligence back into the processes implemented by the ITSM systems in areas such as intelligent ticket routing and service request automation, among others,” said Gokulnatha.

To learn more, register for the launch webinar on May 16 at 11:00 am PT/2:00 pm ET.

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