Project and Portfolio Analytics

Intelligently manage project resourcing and accelerate innovation within IT.

Project and Portfolio Analytics (PPA) help IT leaders deliver projects on time and on budget with multiple views of project costs, progress, activities, and resource usage.

Project and Portfolio Analytics

Numerify’s Project and Portfolio Analytics (PPA) is a complete analytical application that provides full visibility into your project activities, from the portfolio level down to individual time cards. The application leverages data from typical project management and development systems like CA Clarity® and Microsoft® TFS, as well as newer agile applications like Atlassian JIRA®.

IT Project Portfolio Management

Balance resources across strategic initiatives, innovation projects, and system reliability. Identify outliers by financial or scheduling metrics, calibrate projects based on historical averages, and proactively pinpoint runaway projects. Use interactive filtering and schedule versus cost variance matrices to compare team performance and identify critical resource bottlenecks.

Project Analytics

Get unparalleled insight into project performance with uniquely designed diagrams. Audit the lowest-performing projects and drill into the root cause of delays around asset delivery or system integrations. Variance analyses help you compare actual versus planned metrics and identify the projects most likely to experience delays or failure.

Resources and Task Management

Drill into project tasks and time card entries to analyze how employees spend their time, including the ratio of maintenance to innovation. Work directly with up-to-date data extracted from your time card system for an accurate view of time allocations and project budget drawdowns. Ensure accurate project capitalization as well as time card compliance across in-house and outsourced resources.

Project Financials

Combine data from your project management, time card, and financial systems for a complete view of project financials. Then access our robust set of project financial metrics across burn rates, earned value management, cost performance index (CPI), and schedule performance index (SPI). We build these and other best-practice metrics such as EAC (estimate at completion) and BAC (budget at completion) using guidelines published by the Project Management Institute (PMI).

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