Software Development Analytics

Your software development life cycle is critical to delivering successful IT projects.

Improve your application team’s efficiency and quality across the SDLC process with Numerify Software Development Analytics (SDA).

Software Development Analytics

Numerify’s SDA application helps you gain immediate visibility into SDLC processes by leveraging critical data trapped in your development and testing tools. Understand how your Build and Run processes impact release velocity to make optimal decisions throughout the application life cycle. Gain new insights by blending and modeling data across multiple IT systems of record. Understand the full impact of application quality issues on production and your business by analyzing your SDLC and operational data together in one place.

Process Compliance

Capture a single view of your application life cycle with full traceability across process steps. Identify key drivers of team velocity, efficiency, and application quality. Highlight potential risk factors such as policy deviation and misalignment between effort and desired outcomes. Analyze patterns around state duration workflows to gauge process adherence and identify bottlenecks.

Release Velocity and Defect Analysis

Accelerate defect resolution to deliver application projects quickly, more efficiently, and of better quality. Enable development and operations teams to jointly spot aging defect backlogs that prolong availability problems. Diagnose issues with slow defect turnaround, and uncover opportunities to prevent defects. Obtain a complete picture of the impact of product defects on users and staff.

SDLC Visibility

Avoid the complex patchwork of non-integrated tools that typically support SDLC processes with end-to-end process visibility. Increased transparency makes your processes easier to monitor, reducing delays and development times while driving innovation. Quickly identify and remove bottlenecks and patterns of rework from your SDLC process.

Business Impact of Software Incidents

Gain insight into the production quality of releases and identify underlying causes of incidents. Correlate releases with the positive and negative impacts on customers and your production environment. Pinpoint the drivers of successful changes to inform development and operations teams. Measure releases at both the team and organizational levels to reduce the risk of unplanned downtime.

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