Tackle All Your Key Business Challenges

Drive productivity and accountability across your operations, processes, service providers, teams, and projects.

Pinpoint outage causes and anticipate service issues
Expose hidden drivers of process bottlenecks
Validate service provider performance
Allocate IT resources based on project needs
Ensure strategic goals align with the business

Operational Excellence

With alternate options just a click away for business users, IT teams must ensure the services they provide are bulletproof and always available. Numerify provides instant insights for IT leaders to identify and anticipate issues that cause service disruptions.

  • Analyze the patterns and root cause of your outages to prevent future disruptions
  • Quantify how service disruptions impact your business in revenue or productivity loss
  • Combine data from ITSM and operational sources to evaluate service health

Achieve deep operational insight to drive continual process improvement

Process Efficiencies

Missing SLAs, long development lead times, reassignments, and other process inefficiencies can create a negative perception of IT. Shift gears and leverage your data to holistically analyze critical services.

  • Track compliance with change approval and blackout policies
  • Analyze support demand across tasks to address needs before delays occur
  • Identify bottlenecks in your SDLC and ITSM task management systems
  • Audit application failures and outages to drive change success rates higher

Identify trends to course correct or validate that process improvement initiatives meet your goals

Service Accountability

Inconsistent SLA achievement, high support costs, and low CSAT scores can create substantial challenges. Prevent consequences such as escalating costs or frustrated business users by streamlining processes and driving service accountability.

  • Analyze ticket workflows and identify process inefficiencies
  • Track key metrics to understand and minimize the impact of incidents on your customers
  • Identify ways to reduce incident resolution times among service providers
  • Capture performance metrics across IT towers, assignment groups, priority, and business services

Delight your customers and drive accountability to make IT the #1 service provider

People Productivity

Limit overtime charges, avoid project delays, and head off employee churn by offering visibility into team and individual workloads. Gain insight into your project resources across the entire organization and understand key metrics around specialized skills and current projects.

  • Understand total resource “work time” of an incident to pinpoint bottlenecks
  • Direct resources to higher-value projects and increase execution velocity
  • Provide up-to-date headcounts and work capacity metrics for better resource utilization
  • Combine data from ITSM, PPM, and HR sources to view cross-source metrics such as effective project rates and Earned Value

Effectively align your resources with high-priority tasks and projects

Business Impact

Properly align your IT processes, projects, and resources to understand the overall impact IT has on your business. Manage critical cross-functional and cross-domain metrics to foster a true partnership with the business and ensure your strategic goals align.

  • Increase stakeholder visibility of business-impacting outages by line of business
  • Track key metrics to understand and minimize impact of incidents on customers
  • Show cumulative project costs and charges by service and configuration items
  • Understand incident distribution by assignment group as it relates to SLA attainment

Drive prioritization based on business needs

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