Tackle All Your Key Business Challenges

Drive productivity and accountability across your operations, processes, service providers, teams, and projects.

Eliminate service inefficiencies
Hold service providers accountable
Drive employee success with IT services
Pinpoint outage causes and anticipate service issues
Prioritize IT resources by Business Impact

Service Cost Reduction

IT leaders must continuously control costs while simultaneously improving the quality of services delivered to the business. Yet it can be challenging to identify process inefficiencies with service delivery fragmented across multiple systems, processes, and providers. With Numerify, you can break down the silos between your teams and data sources to identify the top drivers of service delivery costs.

  • Gain transparency into drivers of service expenditure and inefficiencies such as reassignments and escalations
  • Leverage prescriptive insights that identify specific behaviors that can be corrected to reduce incident volume
  • Discover clusters of related Incidents through unstructured text and sentiment analysis
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Identify top drivers of incident volume and ways to reduce volume

Service Provider Performance

Outsourcing can provide IT departments with a powerful tool to not only cut costs but also enhance service quality. However, the complexity of managing service providers goes up exponentially with the number of vendors. With Numerify, you gain the transparency needed to ensure that vendor performance is aligned to your organizational goals.

  • Identify opportunities to enforce SLAs across hundreds of dimensional combinations, maintain service quality, and ensure process consistency across vendors
  • Digitize contractual terms and eliminate self-reporting by vendors of key metrics like SLA and MTTR
  • Create a single source-of-truth reporting platform across all vendors and agreements

Drive accountability and service quality

Service Experience

World class IT services can enable your employees to be productive, innovative, and adaptable. However, fragmentation of IT service delivery can make it difficult to measure customer satisfaction KPIs and align these with initiatives and objectives. With Numerify, your IT services can adapt quickly to changing service needs through a digitized employee feedback loop.

  • Gain insight into IT service adoption, consumption, experience, and unfilled customer needs
  • Integrate employee feedback into a continual service improvement loop
  • Enable service agents to provide proactive customer experience

Power digital transformation and delight your customers

Application Health and Performance

Today’s fast paced and digital  business environments require you to make frequent and complex changes to your production applications. How do you know which changes are likely to disrupt operations through outages? With Numerify you can track production health and business impact with management-friendly dashboards that present actionable intelligence.

  • Obtain a common view of Application Health and Performance across IT Operations, business units, development, and PMO to identify recurring issues — a near real-time IT business review (NowBR™)
  • Leverage machine learning algorithms to predict unsuccessful changes and prevent change-related incidents and outages
  • Uncover opportunities to reduce change related incident volume and the impact of outages
  • Gain visibility into and fix gaps in CMDB completeness, correctness, relationships & non-compliance
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Achieve deep operational insight to drive continual process improvement

Resource Allocation and Optimization

Corporate priorities can change frequently due to evolving market conditions – do you have the agility to align IT resources accordingly? With Numerify, you gain the insights needed to bridge the gaps between corporate strategy, IT projects, and resource optimization.

  • Direct resources to higher-value projects and increase execution velocity
  • Provide up-to-date headcounts and work capacity metrics for better resource utilization
  • Understand total resource “work time” of an incident to pinpoint bottlenecks
  • Combine data from ITSM, PPM, and HR sources to view cross-source metrics such as effective project rates and Earned Value

Effectively align your resources with high-priority tasks and projects

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