Adopt Agile and DevOps at Scale

Are you realizing the value of Agile and DevOps?

Modern user experiences are dependent on a complex network of applications and services. These components are developed and delivered by multiple teams that are highly dependent on each other. However, inconsistent adoption of processes and tools make it hard for organizations to be Agile as a whole.

Silos across toolchain

Inefficiency driven by inconsistency

Inconsistent adoption of automation

Finger pointing across teams

Benefits of DevOps Performance Management

Increase Efficiency

  • Identify bottlenecks across Value Chain
  • Benchmark performance across teams
  • Drive collaboration and learning across teams

Accelerate Agility

  • Reduce cycle time from requirements to deployment
  • Increase frequency of code deployments
  • Recover from incidents faster

Reduce Risk

  • Improve quality of delivered software
  • Drive consistency of Agile / DevOps adoption
  • Reduce change related incidents


Drive Agile and DevOps Success

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Numerify DevOps Performance Management Solution

The Numerify DevOps Performance Management solution helps DevOps organizations drive consistent best practice adoption across teams. Gain the end to end value stream visibility needed to eliminate bottlenecks in tools, training, and processes. Improve code quality and lower application support costs as follows.

  • Measure performance, corelate, and find root cause across the Agile & DevOps toolchain 
  • Continuously identify opportunities to improve automation and test coverage 
  • Measure team success by business outcomes and customer satisfaction 
  • Identify best performing Agile DevOps teams and what makes them successful; encourage teams to learn from each other  
  • Measure adoption of Agile DevOps enablers like test, build, and deployment automation 

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Adopting Agile and DevOps allow organizations to adapt to rapidly changing business environments by frequently delivering solutions that actually meet customer needs.


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