Proactively manage compliance and optimize IT asset ROI
IT Asset Risk & Governance

Proactively manage compliance and optimize IT asset ROI

See how Numerify’s solutions help IT Asset Management teams with:
  • Asset-related incidents that impact the IT customer experience
  • Fragmented IT asset information
  • High support and lease costs
  • Suboptimal asset utilization
  • Ensuring asset compliance
  • Asset-related security vulnerabilities
How effectively are your hardware assets driving IT business value?
Even in the cloud era, hardware remains the largest part of most IT budgets and accounts for 35 percent of average spending. Unfortunately, IT organizations often struggle to maximize ROI on that spend because information about IT assets is fragmented across multiple systems. With the Numerify Asset Risk and Governance reporting solution, you gain a single source of truth to proactively manage IT asset lifecycle and achieve regulatory and security compliance. Improve IT asset performance and effectiveness by correlating factors like lease and support costs, incident propensity, and security vulnerabilities.
Gain a single source of truth for IT asset governance, compliance, and performance management. Proactively optimize IT asset inventory and IT costs.
IT compliance dashboard
Use outage and Mean-Time-Between-Failure (MTBF) metrics to identify IT assets at increased risk and overdue for maintenance. Increase monitoring and tracking of IT assets with a history of major incidents and catch exception conditions preemptively.
IT MTBF analytics
Analyze trends and correlation between asset and incident data. Identify and Report on classes of IT assets that have a higher occurrence of incidents, such as whether IT assets supplied by particular vendors cause more incidents.
IT asset management analytics
    • Increase IT efficency
      Increase efficiency
      • Perform predictive maintenance of IT assets using MTBF and outage
      • Renegotiate IT asset leases before they become costly
      • Provide single source of IT asset info for compliance and lifecycle management
    • Accelerate IT innovation
      Accelerate agility
      • Retire low-performing IT assets
      • Reduce change-related incidents caused by faulty CI
      • Proactively manage asset regulatory and security compliance
    • Reduce IT risk
      Reduce risk
      • Reduce asset support and end-of-life risk
      • Improve IT security and GDPR compliance
      • Improve IT asset security controls