Drive revenue, avert outages, and improve user experience
IT Business Service Performance Management

Drive revenue, avert outages, and improve user experience

See how Numerify helps IT Business Service teams with:
  • Prioritizing service enhancements based on business impact
  • High service TCO
  • Poor customer experience
  • Siloed views of application data across operations, services, and monitoring systems
  • Fragmented application development, service delivery, and support teams
How do you balance IT operational stability with business value?
IT Business Service Management leaders must make operational decisions regarding maintaining or enhancing applications aligned with their business goals. However, without a single source of truth for performance metrics across process and data silos, they often end up making suboptimal decisions that reduce IT effectiveness. The Numerify Business Service Performance Management solution monitors, analyzes, and reports on the end-to-end performance. This solution provides collaborative insights for effective service delivery decisions across senior IT operations, applications, and business stakeholders. This ensures that each service is functioning correctly while enabling IT to proactively provide the best user experience and avert outages through continuous visibility using composite measures and trends — an ongoing IT business review.
Bring stakeholders together across the service value chain by tracking IT application health, business, and service delivery KPIs. These include incident and problem volumes, change success rates, and business transaction performance.
IT business service health
Bridge the gap between IT and the business by using a common set of measurements to determine key business service management outcomes and identify improvement targets. Relate IT operational delivery metrics to their IT business service context.
IT change sucess analytics
Establish and monitor adherence to standardized SLAs around areas such as security, privacy, and business service restoration. Identify and remediate bottlenecks in IT system performance, availability, and other issues that impact system effectiveness.
Incident volume dashboard
    • Increase IT efficency
      Increase efficiency
      • Maximize ROI of business applications and services
      • Prioritize remediation efforts with the highest business impact
      • Improve end-to-end customer experience
    • Accelerate IT innovation
      Accelerate agility
      • Reduce IT service outages and resulting business disruption
      • Prioritize new capabilities with the highest customer impact
      • Shorten time to insight on business service and application issues
    • Reduce IT risk
      Reduce risk
      • Predict risk-of-service outages and take action to avert or mitigate them
      • Break down silos among development, IT operations, and business service management stakeholders
      • Reduce IT application service and IT support risk