Adopt Agile and DevOps at scale
DevOps Performance Management

Adopt Agile and DevOps at scale

See how Numerify helps it DevOps teams with:
  • Unpredictable new feature delivery
  • Silos across toolchain
  • Inefficiency that is driven by inconsistency
  • Lack of “agile mindset”
  • Inconsistent adoption of automation
  • Insufficient collaboration within and across teams
Are you realizing the value of agile and IT DevOps?
In this age of consumer grade IT services, modern user experiences are dependent on a complex network of applications and services that are developed and delivered by multiple IT teams. At the same time, ever changing and increasing customer expectations require new capabilities to be delivered faster and with high quality. However, inconsistent adoption of IT processes and tools makes it hard for organizations to be agile as a whole. The Numerify IT DevOps Performance Management solution helps organizations drive consistency across teams. Gain the end-to-end value stream visibility needed to eliminate bottlenecks in tools, training, and processes. Improve code quality and lower application support costs.
Get a comprehensive view of IT DevOps metrics and predicted timelines across software development, deployment, and IT Service Operations with the ability to drill down and investigate.
Devops code qulity score
Benchmark the effectiveness and adoption of IT DevOps best practices such as test and build automation. Identify opportunities for improvement and motivate IT teams to emulate the practices of more effective teams.
Devops code quality metrics
Accelerate the pace of innovation by predicting and fixing bottlenecks across the IT DevOps value stream. Benchmark team throughput and proactively fix productivity issues before they impact the business.
Devops Portfolio stories
Correlate test efficiency, coverage, and execution with production defects to better prioritize quality improvement initiatives. Build the case for continuous testing and IT DevOps automation efforts.
Root cause analysis test execution gap devops
    • Improve IT productivity with our AIOps solution
      Increase efficiency
      • Identify bottlenecks across the value chain
      • Benchmark performance across teams
      • Drive collaboration and learning across teams
    • Accelerate IT delivery with our AIOps solution
      Accelerate agility
      • Reduce cycle time from requirements to deployment
      • Increase the frequency of code deployments
      • Recover from incidents faster
    • Reduce IT risk with our AIOps solution
      Reduce risk
      • Improve the quality of delivered software
      • Drive consistency of agile / DevOps adoption
      • Reduce IT DevOps change management-related incidents
    Drive Agile and IT DevOps Success
    Agile Devops Solution brief