Manage performance across IT Planning, Development, and IT Operations
IT Leadership Command Center

Manage performance across IT Planning, Development, and IT Operations

See how Numerify helps IT leaders with:
  • Making data-driven strategic IT decisions
  • Gaining a single source of truth across all IT processes
  • Holding IT teams accountable for performance goals
  • Tying IT performance to business goals
Can you monitor all of your IT Operations and proactively course correct?
With so many competing demands, great IT leadership is all about effective prioritization and governance. However, with so much information siloed across multiple IT teams, systems, and processes manually sifting through all this data can be nearly impossible. The Numerify IT Leadership Command Center solution provides the operational intelligence you need to proactively make data-driven decisions, set the right strategies, and measure progress. Use augmented intelligence to identify areas at risk, drill down to the details of IT team performance, find the root cause of problems, and proactively course correct to improve performance.
Monitor operational health, service disruption risk scores, and delivery risk scores through multiple lenses including time periods, leadership hierarchy, critical business processes, and IT services.
IT change sucess analytics
Identify teams that are not meeting performance benchmarks, help them diagnose why, and guide course corrections.
IT vendor governance strategy
Get a comprehensive view of IT DevOps KPIs across software development, deployment, and IT service operations, with the ability to drill down and investigate further.
Devops code qulity score
    • Increase IT efficency
      Increase efficiency
      • Identify and eliminate the root cause of IT project delays
      • Hold teams and service providers accountable
      • Benchmark performance across teams
    • Accelerate IT innovation
      Accelerate agility
      • Balance resources across innovation and maintenance
      • Align teams and vendors with strategic objectives
      • Improve collaboration among IT operations, planning, development, and service teams
    • Reduce IT risk
      Reduce risk
      • Drive consistency of best-practice adoption
      • Identify and fix problems that under-performing teams face
      • Reduce business service risk across development and IT operations