Drive success of key IT initiatives
CMDB Value Realization

Drive success of key IT initiatives

See how Numerify helps IT operations teams with:
  • Missing vital Configuration Item (CI) information
  • Incorrect and out of date CI info
  • Non-compliance with IT policies
  • Lack of visibility into dependencies and relationships
How satisfied are you with the value your CMDB is adding?
As more business processes are automated, data quality is often the limiting factor for overall process quality. However, modern IT environments are large, complex, and constantly evolving. As a result, incomplete and incorrect CMDB information increase the cost and risk of key IT initiatives like IT Service Management (ITSM), IT Change Management, IT DevOps transformation, and Business Service Management. With the Numerify CMDB Value Realization solution, your CMDB can constantly evolve to better support these initiatives. Drive and track progress across all vectors of CMDB value; including completeness, correctness, compliance, and relationships.
Measure the efficiency and data integrity of CI discovery tools and processes. Surface CMDB data gaps such as missing fields, ownership, regions, asset tags, support groups, and locations over time.
Missing support group analytics
Bring stakeholders together by visualizing relationships and dependencies across various CI classes including infrastructure, middleware, and applications. Find and fix issues with stale CI and relationship data.
Catagory to class relationship dashboard
Drive process for continuous CMDB data quality improvement in the context of improving Business Service Health. Improve application and infrastructure health, and decrease change-related outages.
Cmdb risk dashboard
    • Increase IT efficency
      Increase efficiency
      • Drive incident reduction by focusing on problematic CIs
      • Retire low performing assets
      • Reduce change-related outages
    • Accelerate IT innovation
      Accelerate agility
      • Increase frequency of infrastructure decisions
      • Constantly adapt CMDB to an evolving IT landscape
      • Reduce incident MTTR
    • Reduce IT risk
      Reduce risk
      • Improve change risk prediction accuracy
      • Improve IT compliance
      • Modernize infrastructure